Cell Sharing Materials 小组分享材料 2017

Posted on 08 Nov 2013 by siowhwee

2017: 使徒行传 Acts:Download 下载

2016:创世记 Genesis 25-50: 华文版本 (1668 downloads) English Version (1011 downloads)

2015:罗马书12-16章 Romans 12-16: Romans 12-16 (1219 downloads)

2014:彼得前后书 1 and 2 Peter: Peter Cell Materials (859 downloads)

2013:Deuteronomy 申命记: 申命记资料 On Deuteronomy (1950 downloads)

Bonus Materials:
“I AM” sayings in John. 约翰福音“我是”的宣言 (Word version): I AM cell materials (336 downloads) PDF version I AM sharing notes (388 downloads)
Sermon on the Mount passages: Cell Materials based on Sermon on the Mount (141 downloads)