Do You Know?你知道吗?

Posted on 07 Jul 2014 by cathy

Hallel Psalms of pesukei dezimra is a selection of six psalms recited as part of pesukei dezimra, the introduction the daily morning service. They are Psalms 145-150. The term Hallel without a qualifier generally refers to Psalms 113-118 which are recited only at festivals; for this reason the Hallel of pesukei dezimra is also known as the “daily Hallel”.  These psalms are recited because they are devoted entirely to the praise of God. 哈利诗歌(pesukei dezimra)是六篇每天晨祷的诗篇,从145-150篇。哈利诗歌一般是指113-118篇,而就只有节庆时候才背诵的,所以哈利诗歌(pesukei dezimra)也就另名为“每日哈利诗”来区别它们。之所以选择它们,因为它们专注于赞美神.