JCCM 7-8 years old program 2012

Posted on 09 Jan 2012

7-8 yrs (Followers A and B)

Curriculum Theme : Follow The Bible

Unit 6 : We worship Jesus, He does great things

Jan 08           – MISSION WEEK ( Joseph)

* Children will split to respective classes to receive n do up Mission boxes that will be given out to children.(Hui Min, Sabrina)

Jan 15 Lesson 26/27 The fish finder/ The fixer upper
Jan 22 Lesson 28/29 A fair-weathered forecast/The fantastic feast

CHINESE NEW YEAR EVE – cultural n craft appreciation (Daiyun/Sabrina)

Jan 29   CHINESE NEW YEAR – Combined service

* worship in service

* Children to leave for kids’ sermon (pastor Yee Leng)

* rejoin service for Offering n Doxolgy

Unit 7 : We obey Jesus’ Teaching – the word of God

Feb 05 Lesson 31 John Baptizes Jesus
Feb 12 Lesson 32 The Wise and Foolish Builders

FRIENDSHIP DAY craft (Zaneta)

Feb 19 Lesson 33/34 The Centurion’s faith/The Good Samaritan
Feb 26 Lesson 35 The Lord’s prayer

Unit 8 : We Tell How Jesus Helped People

Mar 04 Lesson 36/37 Jesus Gives Peter a Helping Hand/Jesus Gives Sight for Sore Eyes
Mar 11           – SUNDAY SCHOOL OUTING (Mark/Rodney)

* Outdoor activity during Sunday school time

Mar 18 Lesson 38/39 Thank you, Jesus/ Never too Busy
Mar 25 Lesson 40 A Very Taxing Lesson

Unit 9 : We Tell What Jesus Can Do Because He Is God’s Son

Apr 01 Lesson 41 Hail to the King!
Apr 08        – EASTER SUNDAY (combined service)

* Worship in service

* Sunday school to move on for own Easter prog after witness of   baptism in main sanctuary – (May Yin)

Apr 15 Lesson 42/43 The Last Meal With Jesus/ Jesus Dies
Apr 22 Lesson 44/45 Jesus is Alive!/Jesus Goes To Heaven
Apr 29          – JUBILEE CHURCH AGM

* Worship in service/appreciation of children comm

* children move on to 5th floor

* JCCM AGM (Pastor Boon Young/Wee Bin)

Unit 10 : We Tell How Jesus’ Church Helps People

May 06 Lesson 46/47 Peter Tells A New Message/Peter and John Give Help From God
May 13 Lesson 48 Saul Becomes A Believer

MOTHERS’ DAY craft (Sabrina)

May 20 Lesson 49 Timothy and Paul Tell About Jesus
May 27 Lesson 50 Paul and Silas Tell About Jesus

Unit 1 : We Worship God Because He is Powerful

June 03 Lesson 01/02 God Makes Everything/God Sends A Flood n A Rainbow
June 10          – CHURCH RETREAT 2012 @ Pulai Springs JB
June 17 Lesson 03/04 God Promises Abraham and Sarah A Son/

God repeats His Promise to Jacob

FATHERS’ DAY craft (Daiyun)

June 24 Lesson 05 God Helps Joseph Explain Dreams

Unit 2 : We Worship God Because He Helps People

July 01 Lesson 06/07 God Protects Moses/God Tells Moses What To Do

MISSION WEEK – reiteration on purpose of mission week (Joseph)

– 1st collection of mission offering boxes(Hui Min)

July 08         – GAMES DAY (Joel/ Rodney)
July 15 Lesson 08 God’s Power Challenges Pharoah
July 22 Lesson 09 God Rescue His People At The Red Sea
July 29 Lesson 10 God Gives Rules To Guide People

Unit 3 : We Obey God Who Helps Us

Aug 05 Lesson 11/12 Joshua and Caleb Obey God/Joshua Obeys God
Aug 12 Lesson 13 Ruth Makes A Good Choice
Aug 19 Lesson 14 Samuel Hears God
Aug 26 Lesson 15 God Tells Samuel To Anoint David King

Unit 4 : We Obey God Who Answers Prayer

Sept 02           – TEACHERS’ DAY (children committee, Wee Bin)

No lesson , teachers free to attend service followed by Lunch

Sept 09 Lesson 16 God Gives Solomon Wisdom
Sept 16 Lesson 17 God Answers Elijah’s Prayer
Sept 23 Lesson 18 God Directs Jonah
Sept 30           – CHILDREN’S DAY (Joel)

* no lesson but programme may involve teachers , more info to come

Unit 4/5 : We Obey God Who Answers Prayer/ We Worship God Because He Is the Son Of God

Oct 07 Lesson 19 God Protects Daniel
Oct 14 Lesson 20 God Answers Nehemiah’s Prayer
Oct 21 Lesson 21 Mary Believes God’s Message
Oct 28 Lesson 22 Jesus is Born in Bethlehem

Unit 5 : We Worship Jesus Because He is The Son Of God

Nov 04 Lesson 23 Angels Tell Shepherds Jesus is Born

MISSION WEEK  – sharing and awareness(Joseph)

– 2nd collection of mission offering boxes (Hui Min)

Nov 11       – FAMILY DAY

* worship in service

* children to move off for kids’ sermon (Pastor Wilson)

* return to service for offering and Doxology

Nov 18 Lesson 24 Wise Men Worship Jesus The King
Nov 25 Lesson 25 Jesus Talks To Teachers in the Temple

Unit 6 : We Worship Jesus Because He is the Son Of God

Dec 02 Lesson 51 Christmas Celebrations
Dec 09          – POST CAMP SUNDAY – Worship n Praise

No lesson, 2012 children camp montage presentation (Wee Bin)

Dec 16          – Christmas story (Sabrina)

* more info to be given in due course

Dec 23          – CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONS (Jane)

* worship in service, witness of baptism

* children move off to kids’ sermon (Pastor Daniel)

* return for Offering and Doxology

Dec 30           – GRADUATION/WRAP UP (Pastor Boon Young / Wee Bin)

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