Word of Thanks

Posted on 13 Dec 2011

Jubilee Community Service Centre would like to thank all volunteers for their support and hard work on the 3rd and 4th December 2011 in JCSC first community project.
Special thanks to Tat Hui Food Pte Ltd for blessing the poor and needy with 3000 packs of instant noodles; a Jubilee brother for contributing 50 cartons of cream cracker biscuits; and another brother for contributing big red plastic bags.
We would like to thank Youth Ministry for sending more than twenty youth volunteers, and Hua Yuan Fellowship for cancelling their English classes so that they can join us in distributing the food items.
Without your love and support, the residents at blk 124 would not be blessed in this special way. Their joy and smiles are the rewards to your hard work.
May our Heavenly Father bless you in His unique ways.

我们特别要感谢Tat Hui Food Pte Ltd捐献3000包快熟面,另一位会友捐献50箱的饼干,还有一位会友捐献红色塑料袋。

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