Worship Study 11

Posted on 06 May 2011

This is the fourth meeting we have on the 6th Conviction “Disciplined creativity in the arts” under the ten core convictions of worship. This is in April 2011. This is a session to focus on the interaction between Liturgical Arts and Technology.

Cathy: http://worship.calvin.edu/resources/resource-library/technology-in-worship-beyond-powerpoint/
Cathy starts the sharing with this article about the purpose of technology. it is not just a tool to attract young people. It is good liturgy that attracts young people. Technology is a tool that help people to connect images to concepts, to contemplate and to reflect. A suggestion is to set up a network of church photographers to collect local photos for church presentations.

WeiZhen: http://worship.calvin.edu/resources/resource-library/photography-in-worship-picturing-god-rsquo-s-counterstory-building-community
Weizhen continues the discussion with a sharing on Photography in Liturgical Arts. There is more to a picture than just an image. People can relate to it with all kinds of responses. This builds a story of the community with the story of God. Through a photo collection of the church, it forms a visual link between the people serving in the ministries to the regular church member.

Action Plan: Junpei of the Church environment committee will set up a network of photographers within the church environment committee. They can provide “local” images for use in powerpoints and art designs in Jubilee.

PeiSong: http://worshipsymposium.org/archive/231
Peisong’s sharing is about a panel of people sharing about art exhibitions promoted and organized by churches. It is a plan to bring locals artists to contribute towards Christian themes and perspectives on religion. While this is largely not feasible for Jubilee, we do have the following plan:

Action Plan: To set up a Reminiscence stairwell along the bell tower of Jubilee. Contributions from all church members can relate about the history of Jubilee, and it can be a collective testimony of the grace of God upon this church. We propose a 3 month window for contributions, after which a “curator” will design the Reminiscence stairwell based on the collection we receive.

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