Worship Study 16

Posted on 23 Apr 2012

Summary for Worship Study March 2012

WanLing: http://worship.calvin.edu/resources/resource-library/multicultural-leadership-in-worship-sharing-power-among-cultures
WanLeng continued the discussion on Worship and Culture with the topic of power-sharing in a multi-cultural environment. She reflected that the article doesn’t really shares why power-sharing is essential and presumes its necessity. Instead the article shares the methods of powersharing.
1. The first is a self-examination process. Are there different worship leaders on stage? Are there different languages reprresented? Is there awareness of different cultural practices during worship, such as different funeral practices for different races?
2. To allow for cultural shifts in powersharing, we can:
2a. Look for bi-cultural people
2b Connect with international students who came from a different culture
2c Look at poverty – representation from the maginalised
2d How the visual aspects (pictures and liturgical arts) speak

We reflected on the situation in Jubilee and made the following conclusions
1. As long as the community is heard, token representations are not as important.
2. We would start a song writing or poetry writing competition to foster such voicing out
3. Relationship with God is key is building such a community

PeiSong: http://worship.calvin.edu/resources/resource-library/contemporary-worship-music-matures
Peisong continued the sharing by reflecting on hiw the contemporary songs has matured over time (perhaps bridging the contemporary cultures with the more traditional cultures). The key to such maturing is asking the right questions. (What would help people pray? What has God done and what He will do?)

Speaking of this, we reflected that the sessions in TaiZe had opened our awareness to the rich heritage we have in written prayers over the centuries. Such exposure would be highly beneficial to Chairpersons and those doing public prayers. We plan to schedule a training session for our Chairpersons soon.

Cathy: http://worship.calvin.edu/resources/resource-library/reformed-churches-worldwide-a-common-heritage
Cathy concluded the session with a discussion on the Presbyterian Distinctiveness of worship with churches everywhere
1. Word remains central
2. Strong integration with world and life perspectives (worship is always initiated by Grace, renewed in the community, and concluded with the Sending )
3. Songs were used to share about all of life. Hymns were shared and indigenous music is used.
4. Focus on Hospitality
5. Joy of worship
6. Prayer of and by the people (Amen!)

Cathy highlighted the rich tradition of the Genevan Psalter. We WILL be attempting a Chinese translation of Psalm 124, 113 and 136 for our Choir this year. 😉

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