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Posted on 03 Mar 2011

Summary for Worship Study Feb 2010

The Followup from January Worship Study
A copy of the guidelines on Presbyterian worship is distributed.  This will be the boundaries of our worship discussions and explorations as we collaborate in our worship planning together.
Cathy distributed 7 models of worship evaluation.  We will be testing them out in the next few weeks and Siow Hwee will drafting one our based on the comments from email.

PeiSong: In Search of Worship that is Reformed and Always Emerging: http://www.calvin.edu/worship/wcom/emerging/dgay_sympos07.php
Celeste: The Emerging Church: http://www.reformedworship.org/magazine/article.cfm?article_id=1430

Peisong and Celeste spoke about the history of the emerging churches.  General sentiments are that Jubilee has been emerging for some time, especially in the area of worship reform.  We spoke about the changes of Jubilee over the years and our overall consensus seems to be that we are on the right track and we must continue to forge ahead while keeping to our roots.  We also spoke about resistance to changes and how incremental changes make acceptance easier.
WanLing: Blended Worship, Good for the Body: http://www.worshipsymposium.org/2008/man_a.html
WanLing shared about the history of Blended Worship that began with the worship wars in the early days between traditional and contemporary.  This is another area whereby Jubilee is slightly spared from the conflict.  We try to look beyond the battlefronts, and we apply what is good from every generation.  It is about substance, not form.

1. We seems to know what we want and what we are doing, so Jubilee is progressing well without too much conflict.  The next key step is education and getting everybody into the picture.  We will tentatively set 27th of March as the equipping day where everybody involved in worship ministry in one way or another will get together to learn about the plans for the next liturgical year.  All sub-ministry heads will be in charge of mobilisation.  Siow Hwee, Cathy and YouFen will be in charge of training.

YuFen: The Role of Prayer in Public Worship: http://www.calvin.edu/worship/planning/8_22_04.php
YuFen first spoke about the different types of prayers in a liturgy.  Then on the different methods of prayer.  Lastly she spoke on some ideas of how to sing prayers and write prayers.

1. This is an important part of the evaluations.  We will make sure that our prayers in the liturgy fulfill their roles within the liturgy.
2. We should include children prayers, classic prayers and specially written prayers into our liturgy.  We can try this out when the children choir serves and when there is holy communion.

WeiZhen: Drumming in Intergenerational Worship: http://www.calvin.edu/worship/lit_arts/music/intergen_drumming.php
Weizhen shared about the strengths of drumming, which brings equality in culture, gender and people with special needs.  She also shared some ideas of drumming with scripture reading and playing different cultural rhythms.

1. For special readings: worth a try.

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