Worship Study 3

Posted on 03 Mar 2011

This is the summary for April 2010
Siow Hwee: Planning worship as Pastoral: http://www.calvin.edu/worship/leader/pastoral.php
Siow Hwee shared on the model of a pastor for those serving in the worship ministry.  We often think of ourselves as a performer or coordinator or spiritual engineer.  But the model of a pastor allows us to discern our worship content, serve with a pastoral heart and with an infectious joy.

Cathy: Crash Course in Leading Worship: http://www.reformedworship.org/magazine/article.cfm?article_id=1119
Cathy shared on the idea of using cue cards as a reminder of what is important before we serve.  Our team decided that these cue cards would serve an important function like a checklist.  We can remind ourselves of certain key points when we perform and also spiritual things to remember.

Xing Liang: Fresh and Authentic Worship: http://www.calvin.edu/worship/wcom/emerging/fresh_worship.php and
Both the articles tells us that to develop what is fresh and authentic, we need to have a close relationship with God.  Only then, we will learn fresh thing about God all the time and relate to God honestly.

YouFen: Spiritual Preparation for Worship leaders: http://www.calvin.edu/worship/resources/docs/plantinga.php
This is an interesting article because the emphasis is not on “what to do” to prepare ourselves.  Rather, a good spiritual preparation is a good and healthy theology of God.

MinZhi: Healthy Tensions in Corporate Worship: http://www.calvin.edu/worship/leader/kauflin_tensions.php
Minzhi shared from the article the many tensions that must be balanced in a worship of a church.  The tensions include transcendence/ immanence, intellectual/ emotional, vertical/ horizontal, planned/ spontaneity, liturgical/ contemporary, excellence/ authenticity, individual/ corporate etc.  Our team debate on the merit of having a good balance in these tensions.

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