YM programme 2016

Posted on 22 Jan 2016
ConneXions@Jubilee (YM) Program 2016 (connect.)
Date Connect 4:13 (12-13 Yrs Old) Connect 4:12 (14-16 Yrs Old) Connect 4:10 (17-19 Yrs Old)
3rd Jan New Year (Orientation Sunday)
10th Jan Longing For God (Psalm 63) Minor Prophets : 2 Samuel 7 (Prophetic Promise) & Major Prophets : Isaiah 9:1-6
17th Jan Mark Session #1 (Prof Tan Kim Huat)
24th Jan Responding In Worship (Psalm 104:31-105:5) Minor Prophets : 2 Kings 23:1-30
(Prophetic Action)
Major Prophets : Ezekiel 37:1-14
(God’s People Can’t Be The Dead)
31st Jan Mark Session #2 (Prof Tan Kim Huat)
7th Feb Youth Message #1^
14th Feb Chinese New Year Combined Service
21st Feb Long Worship #1 (With Prayers during intermissions)
28th Feb Entering Into Corporate Worship (1 Chronicles 16:1-36) Major Prophets : Isaiah 40
(On Punishment & Restoration)
Minor Prophets : Hosea The Prophet
(The Wounded God)
6th Mar Youth Message #2^ (Senior Pastor’s Message)
13th Mar ConneXion Week #1 (Outreach Activities)
20th Mar Celebrating The Life Of God (Luke 15:1-32) Minor Prophets : A Call To Faithfulness
(The Wounded God)
Minor Prophets: Devine Repentance
27th Mar Easter Combined Service
3rd Apr Coming To The Table (John 6:47-58) The God We Worship & Serve #1 The God We Worship & Serve #1
10th Apr Sermon Reflections #1 (Psalms 56)
17th Apr Long Worship #2 (With Prayers during intermissions)
24th Apr AGM
1st May Sermon Reflections #2 (Psalms 59)
8th May Youth Message #3^
15th May Mission Week (Start with Short Worship and then Sharing)
22nd May Sermon Reflections #3 (Ecclesiastes 1:3)
29th May ConneXion Week #2 (Outreach Activities)
5th Jun Sermon Reflections #4 (Ecclesiastes 2:1-11)
12th Jun Sermon Reflections #5 (Ecclesiastes 1:3)
19th Jun Long Worship #3 (With Prayers during intermissions)
26th Jun Community Service Week*
* Must sync with Jubilee Community Service Centre’s Project Manna, in Jun
^ Short Worship before Message
~ 16 Years old will have separate session on “What You Believe” (condensed Course A & B) during Sermon Reflections

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