Northern Training Centre

Posted on 11 Mar 2014 by siowhwee

本堂已经在一月和二月把合计$10000的奉献交给威克里夫圣经翻译会,作为北部培训中心的第三座楼的建筑费。3月15日下午将为落成的2座建筑物举行奉献典礼.  请为他们那里水供的事祷告, 井已经枯竭,需要挖得更深找水源. 暂时来说,是去附近的水井.  未来3个月,在NTC将有49个工作坊,会议等事件,请为他们需要的智慧与力量祷告.

“I just wanted to let you know that Wycliffe Thailand has received the second gift towards the NTC and they are sending it on to us.  Thanks to you and your church for your generosity towards the training center.  Things on the third building are moving slow due to leadership changes a very slow process at the University, but we hope to continue construction soon.  The next three months there are 49 trainings and events at the NTC and other locations with staff from our team.  Please pray for strength and wisdom for our team.  Pray also for the water supply at the NTC as the well is dry and we need to wait to dig deeper until the height of the dry season. For now we can get sufficient water from a neighborhood well.”