History of Jubilee Church 禧年堂简史

Jubilee Church is a member of the Presbyterian Church in Singapore. The Church has been serving the community in the Tiong Bahru and Outram area (and beyond) for more than a century.

In 1881, Rev.J.A.B.Cook of the English Presbyterian Mission came to Singapore after learning the Teochew dialect in China. He immediately took charge of the congregation at Bukit Timah (later known as the Glory Presbyterian Church) which was set up by Benjamin P. Keasberry of the London Missionary Society and Tan See Boo in 1857. As the church grew, the congregation decided to plant new churches since some church members lived too far from the church. One of the extending groups, the Hokkien speaking group started meeting at Hong Lim market. The year was 1883 and Singapore was an immigrant society under British rule. The church later gathered in the Eastern School in Ansiang Hill, and by 1898, it had installed her first Chinese moderator, the Rev.Tay Sek Tin.

The first church building was building was built in Tanjong Pagar in 1904 and was completed in 1905; it was named the Tanjong Pagar Church. As the congregation grew, the church again erected a new building in Outram Road in 1939. It then adopted the name Outram Road Tanjong Pagar Church. Meanwhile, some Tanjong Pagar residents still worshipped in the old building. In January 1946, the name “Jubilee Church” was officially introduced in conjunction with the then forthcoming fiftieth anniversary (1954 ) and to celebrate the end of the Japanese occupation. In the 1960’s, the church premises in Outram Road could no longer accommodate the increasing congregation again. As the government intended to acquire the Outram site, the present location (located between Outram Road MRT station and Tiong Bahru MRT station) was offered in exchange and the building was erected in 1973.

As the church journeys into the 21st century, the church leadership was then vested in a local pastoral team headed by the Rev. Tan Tiong Ann. The faithful preaching of the Word of God and the administering of sacraments are the foci of the church. The challenge of the current leadership is the task of defining the role of the church in the service of God and men in the midst of rapid social changes in Singapore. Our social outreach includes Chinese Kindergarten (the first kindergarten in Singapore founded in 1921), a Community Service Centre and English classes for Chinese nationals.







PDF version of our 120 years of history (bilingual 中英文版本): Jubilee 120 years History (2668 downloads)