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Posted on 27 Apr 2020 by siowhwee

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The poster presents the silhouette of a figure, God. In the books of Jonah, Habakkuk, Zephaniah and Nahum, 4 main characteristics of God surface: God’s love, mercy, forgiveness and justice. The galaxy set against the silhouette conveys God’s mystery and the magnitude of His love, for God and who He is cannot be simply described with a few words. In the book of Jonah, God’s attributes of love and mercy shown in His act of forgiveness are conveyed by the drawing of the whale. The drawings of the fallen cities attempt to depict God’s justice in His own time on the sinful cities in the books of Habakkuk, Zephaniah and Nahum. The poster thus shows God’s attributes of love and mercy manifest in His acts of forgiveness and justice.

How do people in modern times comprehend the messages of the Old Testament prophets?
How should we share about who God is or what He is like?

The prophets conveyed God’s words. They obeyed when they were sent; they made sacrifices and remained committed to their mission of relaying God’s words to God’s intended audience and people after them.

Christians of our times should likewise do the same: spread and share God’s words so that the world may know, believe and trust in God.